The Great Legacy of Walt Disney

Walt Disney was born on the 5th December, 1901 and he forever changed the landscape of the world. He was not the first to do animation – however he had made it into an art – and moved it away from the crude animation styles that had popularized his era. The brands that he created – including Looney Tunes and the memorable characters like Daffy Duck and most famously Bugs Bunny live on.

He also advocated a lot of animation styles that are still in use today.

But perhaps most importantly he made animation into a full fledged economic endeavor – Disney had the first full featured animated film. The film made over $180 million dollars in the box office and paved the way for animated films to be consider seriously in the United States as a medium for the big screen. Keep in mind it had only been a short while since cinemas had fledged into multi color and sound experiences without a band playing accompanying music while people watched animations.

Disney had come from humble beginnings – he took his apprenticeship in a regular animation studio and quickly honed his craft. He could see how traditional animation – during the period when he was coming up was flawed in many ways. The animations were curde and lacked personality – it was not just Disney’s animation styles that allowed him to advance his craft – but it was also the characters that he brought to life.

He would put these characters into his work – however the studio that he was working in at the time thought his characters were way too animal like – and that animation should mimic people because people were the ones that watched the cartoon shows and they wanted characters to relate to themselves.

It may seem difficult to imagine a time where animated animals would not be something that people would be interested in – but keep in mind the stuffy atmosphere of animation studios was still catching up to what we now take for granted. Thankfully Disney was able to believe in himself and his style and revolutionised the animation studios – and he is someone that we all speak about with great regard even now.