Disney Animation Styles Throughout the Years

As time went on the technology used to create animations by Disney have advanced and changed. We are not just talking about 2d to 3d. This is obvious. Actually speaking of 3d technology – did you know Aladdin was the first Disney movie to use 3D – for that magic carpet ride that Aladdin goes on when he is trying to escape from the hole that he was thrown into.

When we start with Disney animation styles we first have to understand that Disney started with black and white colors – this was before colors. And the first black and white films that came out of Disney were the black and white films about Mickey Mouse.

These cartoons had no sound – however as time went on sound was added.

When these cartoons were first coming out – no one had a television set. People would watch the cartoons in the cinema and a backing orcherstra would play the music for the cartoon. Soon the sound was added in and shipped to the theatres along with the tapes of the cartoon.

This was the next step and soon cartoons were coming onto television.

Nowdays we enjoy 3d movies with the biggest furnishings – Disney went into competition with Pixar for animated films.

Disney knew it was time to start looking at the possibility of 3d films when Pixar released Luxo Jr. and had it win an Academy Award. The age of 3d movies was upon us – and soon Disney was jumping into the fray.

Monsters Inc. was the first big Disney movie that came out with 3d animation – and soon it was followed by others like Nemo, Toy Story and Finding Nemo.


Nowdays Disney also creates feature films – and most notably the Star Wars franchise – which has been a big money spinner for Disney. However I will always remember Disney for the cartoons of my childhood.

Do you have a favorite Disney movie?

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